Male Extra Enhancement Pills – Does This Male Supplement Really Work? – Complete Review – Results

Male Extra Enhancement Pills – Does This Male Supplement Really Work? – Complete Review – Results

A brand new formula called MaleExtra, which are pills to increase sexually active in men.

This improved male enhancement claims to have many benefits for us men to gain, which makes it’s a unique product to carry the main primary component called Pomegranate.

Let’s find out how this formula works since I have stumbled across many websites all over the internet to have this item, plus I want to see if these MaleExtra pills are really effective as how they promote!?

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Name of Product: MaleExtra™

Official Website:

Best Price: 6 Month Supply (249.90) – $41.65/PerMonth 

Overall Rank (out of 100): 96 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Minimum 90 Days

Guarantee: 67 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee

What Are The Male Extra™ Pills?

This male enhancement formula so called MaleExtra has been on top row of many websites in the male supplement industry. It seems to one of the newest and improved product available today, which is conducted in USA.

MaleExtra pills are known to increase overall sexual function, improve libido to higher level, and much more other benefits.

The main goal when using these pills is that we (as customer user) are to reach a steel hard erection before entering in a sexual activity, as according to its primary website ().

They promote to change men’s life by boosting confidence level and will improve my overall sexual health.

The manufacturer who introduced MaleExtra pills are the Marlia Health company and they have been on the road researching health supplements for the past decade, meaning for more than 10 years in the health industry.

The company provided evidence of proven clinically tested of men’s results from a 6 month period of time, which official website shows that 3-6 months will achieve sexual benefits and enhance penis health for more growth.

MaleExtra formula mentions to carry a unique blend of all natural ingredients with each maximize dosage and they state to be completely safe for all users.

No prescription will be necessary to take these pills.


MaleExtra formula promotes to have all 100% natural ingredients combined with nutrients, amino acids and a powerful fruit called Pomegranate.

They also added the compound (L-Arginine) with a high dosage of 600 mg. But the Pomegranate component fruit is one of their main ingredient with a high dosage of 500 mg.

According to them, no other male enhancement has this main active ingredient. The others are such as MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane), Zinc, Niacin, L-Methionine, Cordyceps and with Creatine.

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Who Is Male Extra™ Pills For?

You know, there are many guys do have poor confidence level to participate in a sexual activity.

MaleExtra pills of supplement should help men gain more virility to be more masculine and have the power to satisfy both yourself and your partner by the way of the sexual performance.

They mention that this sexual formula will not only enhance sex drive, but with the high dosage of L-Arginine will boost the nitric oxide, plus with Pomegranate should help us men gain powerful and stronger erections, according to official website.

They also added that customer users should be able to control climaxing and that way it helps cure premature ejaculation issue.

Now with the dosage of 50 mg in Zinc compound, it should make men have more mind-blowing sensitive orgasms for more pleasure, which leads to satisfaction levels to soar as well.

The other ingredients should boost energy for sexual stamina and libido, where sexual performance increases for more ability to stay on for longer.

They also promote to help maintain a healthy sexual health, while enjoying all the positive sexual benefits from this unique formula called MaleExtra.

How To Take Male Extra ?

Each box contains 90 pills and they want men to take 3 pills in the daily basis.

Unlike many other enhancement formulas out there that they provide us to keep track of the dosing throughout the day, MaleExtra pills are recommended to take all 3 capsules at the same time.

MaleExtra manufacturer also suggest using this male enhancement product for at least 90 days to gain the great sexual improvements that they promote.

According to them, the longer we stay on it, the more results we should see. Perhaps, they added that sexual desire should be noticeable within just a few days. Yes really!?



  • Improves Sexual Stamina
  • Orgasms Become Intense
  • Controls Ejaculation
  • Harder, Firmer Erections
  • Boosts Sexual Pleasure
  • Doctor Recommends it
  • Longer Lasting Duration
  • Proven Clinically Studies
  • Enhances Libido Levels
  • Stimulates Confidence
  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • States to be Completely Safe
  • Energy Levels Rises
  • Satisfy yourself + Partner
  • No Known Side Effects
  • Secure & Discreet Shipping
  • Improves overall Sexual Health
  • 67 Day Money Back Guarantee


  1. Some men might be allergic to one of these effective ingredients such as the fruit. – Other than that, it should be free from side effects.


MaleExtra official sales page offers to show doctors recommendation and research studies of professionals who has approved this Male Extra male enhancement formula.

One thing about the product’s company is that they have a 24 hour customer support, which if I were unclear about any information or have any questions, I can just give them a call at a 1-866 phone number or simply email them.

All orders are discreetly for user’s privacy including package delivery and payment statements.

Also, I read that the manufacturer (Marlia Health) claims its 100% risk free since they offer a 67 day money back guarantee.

Satisfaction is their main priority and if somehow the results is not accomplished, then I should just simply send it back over to them and Marlia Health company should refund all the money back, including shipping and handling fees as we are told.

Final Summary

MaleExtra pills having 1500 mg in each serving, which makes it one of the most potent male enhancement in today’s market.

Yes, it could change men’s overall sexual life to the better. For the maximum results, they suggest to order the recommendation of the 3 month supplies or more.

When grabbing the 6 month supply (4 bottles + 2 free), it comes with a 2 FREE PRO ERECTION GEL to use included for free, all for faster results to ensure the effectiveness when using these MaleExtra male enhancement pills, according to them.

Yet, not only that! According to our sources, actual user’s reviews have impressed both themselves, plus their partner/lover all from the combination with the Pro Erection Gel using along.

Maybe you would like to check out MaleExtra official website, here’s the following link () website.

Do you have any opinions that you would like to share? If yes, just leave me a comment below and I should get back to you faster than you might think.

Let me know if this review have helped you figure out if MaleExtra pills will be the right one for your needs and safety.


  1. Christopher says:

    I can i take more than 3pill a day

    • Hey Christopher,

      You should follow the product’s label directions as directed. Since the product’s label wants you to take 3 pills at the same time, I would only stick to 3 pills daily as directed for safe and best results.

      Julio – Alpha Male

  2. Ntnn says:


    I ordered MaleExtra back in 2010 and at the time took the recommended dosage (3 pills/day). The results were pretty noticeable with high confidence level. However, with one or two boxes still remaining, I stopped taking them. Recently, I found with my new girlfriend that I had difficulty maintaining erections so I restarted taking the leftover pills, albeit at 2 pills a day. I have been doing so for a month now and can’t notice any result.

    In your research did you find anything on the “new formulation”? Is the new formulation actually improved (and still effective)? And do you think having the pills sitting on the shelf for 4-5 years would affect their effectiveness?

    • Yes, it will affect the effectiveness of the pills because every box of package comes with an expiration date. Since, it’s been 4-5 years, the effects will not be the same at all. In fact, MaleExtra is great product where actual users like yourself actually mention great improvements. I hope this helps !


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