AgeForce HGH PowerPatch Formula – “Injection-Strength”, Really? Must-See

AgeForce HGH PowerPatch Formula – “Injection-Strength”, Really? Must-See

The PowerPatch HGH promotes to be the strongest formula in the HGH supplementation market, where the dose is higher than any other legal HGH methods from HGH spray, patches or the liquid formulas.

As we all know, it’s not what the product labels, but most important what consumers are saying about the formula.

Here in this review, we should find out everything regarding this powerful HGH PowerPatch system.

Follow down!

Name of Product: AgeForce HGH PowerPatch

Official Website:  

Minimum Price: 1-Month Supply – $119.95 USD

Overall Rank (out of 100): 98 Points

Recommended Period Usage: At Least 3-6 Months

Money-Back Guarantee: Individual Terms of Return Policy


What Is HGH PowerPatch Formula?

This AgeForce HGH PowerPatch is an advanced Human Growth Hormone patch system that apparently, will add muscle growth on either man or woman’s body, plus gain several other benefits.

HGH is known to be the youthful hormone to stimulate the growth factor on a person’s body, which after the early 20’s, HGH levels decreases by every year.

However, many folks would rather consult a professional supervisor to “add” HGH and increase the levels back up for more muscle tone, youthful look, decreasing fat and many more features.

But instead of the expensive HGH prescription injections, where doctors injects HGH to your body, this PowerPatch formula claims to have the same “injection-strength” being the most powerful HGH transdermal patch available in today’s market.

Yes, keep reading!

This HGH PowerPatch system is from a brand called “AgeForce“, and this company does not only have this type of product, but many other formulas as well.

According to our sources, AgeForce brand develops all of their products in a pharmaceutical manufacturer (Phase4 Pharmaceutical, LLC) and it’s a certified FDA approved-laboratory.

Which, supposedly this formula have been clinically studied and tested to really be safe and effective.

AgeForce company introduced this HGH PowerPatch formula in the year of 2011 and they represents that it’s a revolutionary HGH transdermal patch.

Even though the official website does not show any structure of resources for evidence or any doctor recommendation, there is no prescription required to use this seal patch system.

How Does It Work?

Since it’s a HGH transdermal delivery patch system, what it should do is release the active and powerful ingredients directly to the bloodstream as soon as you apply a patch onto the skin surface at night before bedtime for a 8-hour period of time.

According to product’s label, it should deliver an amount of 25 mg (milligrams) dose of growth hormone without injection or any other way.

The company state that just one single patch of this HGH PowerPatch formula has the potential to be 3,000 to 5,000 more higher potency than any other HGH methods available in today’s industry, as they explain.

The dosing of 25 mg of Growth Hormones promotes to be a “true injection strength“, which is produced by recombinant DNA technology (Somatropin).

It includes the growth factors of IFG-1 (Insulin Growth Factor), IGF-2, EPO, bone growth factor, and skin growth factor.


Since 6 patches of the HGH PowerPatch in a month supply has the same doses as 6 HGH injections, the patches are a lot cheaper and safer.

They do mention that this time-release delivery patch system is for both men and women who wants to elevate fitness goals with muscle development by decreasing excess body fat while increasing solid-lean muscle.

The company says that athletes and bodybuilder users should experience better sleeping cycles and recovery quality for the healing of the muscle tissues, tendons, and the ligaments for faster recovery and wake up refreshed.

Also, this HGH PowerPatch system shares to have a speed recovery time between exercises and workouts to get back in the game faster.

The improvements of this formula should be such as to increase energy and endurance levels for more alertness, plus power/strength in performance activities, exercises, workouts or even in sexual intercourse.

Claims to help concentrate and focus better in the gym and in the daily behavior.

It should improve cardiovascular and overall anti-aging skin tone.

Helps with hair growth, plus reduce grey hair, decreases the symptoms of menopause and stimulates blood oxygen around the blood plus normalize blood pressure.

HGHPowerPatch formula represents to increase sexual function to have ability to perform better by enhancing libido and sexual vitality.

According to them, yes it should improve overall health.


Lifestyle Benefits:

  • Enhances Lean Muscle Mass
  • Reduces Body Fat Reduction
  • Improves Sexual Performance
  • Easy-to-Wear Formula – Patch
  • Rebuilds High Energy Levels
  • Boosts Physical + Sexual Endurance
  • Men and Women can Use this HGH
  • Pharmaceutical Ingredients & Facility
  • Better Sleeping Quality & Positive Mood
  • Real-Legal Growth Hormone Supplement
  • Speed up Muscle + Injury Recovery
  • Helps Restore Hair Color and Growth
  • Stimulates Alertness, Concentration
  • Enhances Overall Strength and Power
  • Unlike Injections, Patches causes No Pain
  • Produced in a US-FDA Qualified Lab
  • Reduces the Symptoms of Menopause
  • Improves overall Skin Tone & Elasticity
  • States to Increase Sexual Vitality + Libido
  • Most Powerful HGH Formula – Claims its Safe
  • Promotes Cardiovascular and Blood Oxygen
  • Company carries a Money Back Guarantee

Lifestyle Downfalls:

  1. They don’t offer to show any scientific studies or clinically tested to actually be effective or safe as they promote. No doctor recommendation even though it’s a non-prescription product.


According to our sources, the AgeForce brand was the first company to introduce the HGH patches to the market in the year of 2005.

Yet, they do mention that they have updated and improved all of their products for more quality on ingredients and for the safety of users.

They also sell Testosterone Booster, Amino Acid Complex, Fat Burning Supplements, Sexual Enhancers and several other patch system.

All of their patch supplies comes with a money back guarantee with each individual terms & conditions for the time period of the supplies, which means the more supplies, the longer the guarantee covers.

The manufacturer (Phase4 Pharmaceutical, LLC) who are located in Florida, USA, and the official website does provide the company’s background, plus show ways on how to contact them by phone dialing, email, or by mail.

They seem “reliable” behind the product in my opinion because they are not hiding behind the computer’s screen like other companies other there.

Review Summary

If you don’t know, any type of HGH method, meaning the injections, pills, liquid or the patches, user will have to stay on it for the recommendation time frame of 3-6 months to gain incredible results.

Even though the official website same doses as the prescription injection, HGH PowerPatch system is not an illegal “steroid”.

Just to let you, it should be completely safe and of course effective, where it should put individuals on their way to experience a healthier lifestyle for more vital fitness body.

After reviewing this “injection-strength” HGH PowerPatch formula, we basically figured it out that it’s for serious athletes who wants to seriously gain muscle development by training, having fitness goals, and bodybuilding programs.

No-pain and no prescription necessary. Want to find out more, than visit their primary webpage at ().

Now just so you can be aware of, there is a much small dosage of HGH, which AgeForce also carries the HGH Maximize Secretagogue patches as well.

I would like you to leave me a comment below for any concerns or feedbacks if this review have helped you figure out if it’s the right choice for your safety and needs.


  1. Suresh says:

    Hi Julio im missing since beginning of the year I’m missing your great article. Thanks for great article

    • Hey Suresh,

      Sure, no problem. This is what I do, I write honest and real reviews based on the research I have done on each product out there, to help all men out there and even myself to choose the right product.

      Julio – Editor/Founder

  2. Jake says:

    Can I use this product and GenF20 Plus at the same time? would it give better results?

    • You only need one. I suggest only get the AgeForce HGH PowerPatch since its much stronger and potency than GenF20 Plus. More doesn’t always mean better results. I would just stick with one.

      For Your Needs,
      Julio – Owner/Editor

  3. dale says:

    Is such a thing legal in sport Im about to go into the nba within 3years?

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    I desire to read more thіngs about it!

    • Sounds good. I can write all-day long, all from my experience and opinions about a certain product. However, in today’s world, folks rather read a few lines instead of many paragraphs which is why I only wrote this reliable review with some value content. I’ll make sure to update it with more quality content at any time soon. Cheers!

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